Dinner Deliver Plus


Your Restaurants, Your Choices, Your Satisfaction - Delivered. If you are hungry and ready to go you can call us at 425.889.togo (8646) or click on the link and order online. 

Your driver will be there in about 11/2 hours from order confirmation with delicious food brought right to your door. What you want, when you want it, where you want it!

How to Order:


On-line ordering is as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. To order on-line you will need an account. If you already have one just login, or if not fill out the form and submit. Confirmation will come quickly and once confirmed, you can order.
  2. Select the restaurant, food item, number of portions and desired delivery time. You may be asked about extras or choices (e.g. type of meat, or type of dressing, etc.)
  3. Select check-out. When you get to the check-out process you will be asked to confirm your delivery address or create a new address. Note that for all on-line orders we may call to confirm your order.


When you call us on the phone, one of our CSR’s will greet you and ask if this is for a home or business and then ask your name. They can recommend a restaurant or food and will take you quickly through the process, and let you know what time the food will be there.

Dinner Delivery Plus is a restaurant marketing firm. When engaging our company to coordinate food delivery, you’re hiring the services of a self-employed catering and delivery professional.

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